Stop Predictive Policing

Petition to Stop Predictive Policing in Bellingham

In Actions, Predictive Policing by RJC

We demand that Mayor Kelli Linville suspend the process of acquiring predictive policing software now.

The software will use the department’s past crime data to help the police identify neighborhoods where they should concentrate patrols. According to the department:

“Predictive policing software tries to harness the power of information, geospatial technologies and evidence-based intervention models to reduce crime and improve public safety. This two-pronged approach—applying advanced analytics to various data sets, in conjunction with intervention models—can move law enforcement from reacting to crimes into the realm of predicting what and where something is likely to happen and deploying resources accordingly.”

Our concern:

Bad data in, bad data out. Plugging in data collected through biased policing will lead police to increase their patrols of the communities unfairly affected by bias.

Tell the mayor to stop predictive policing software from coming to Bellingham, and engage instead with community concerns.

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