Whatcom County Community Report aka Jailer Mailer

Whatcom County’s Jail Mailer: Biased? Misuse of Funds?

In Whatcom County Jail by RJC

Voice your concerns over unfair, biased mailer about Jail Tax. File your complaints!

Jack Louws, County Executive, admits to using approx. $28,000 of tax money to pay for this mailer.

Jack Louws, Sheriff Bill Elfo and Dave McEachran publicly support a new, big jail and are all on the mailer making quotes and statements.  The mailer is heavily biased and potentially a misuse of public funds, office, facility, staff and resources.

Our voting rights need to be protected.  Our freedom to fair elections need to be enforced.  Hold our elected officials accountable to the needs of the people, who they are representing.  Make your voices heard.

Complaints should be filed with at least the following:

  1. Public Disclosure Commission (PDC),
  2. WA State Attorney General (AG), and
  3. Whatcom County Prosecutor.

With the permission of the Restorative Community Coalition, we have provided a link to their complaint here:  http://www.restorativecommunity.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/10/REQUEST-FOR-INVESTIGATION_10272015.pdf.  You can download their file and attach to your online complaint and print and mail/deliver to the Whatcom County Prosecutor (address below).

You can file your own complaint or letter online to the PDC and AG.  Follow the links below to the three and select file attachments if you need more space than the description boxes, provided.  For the County Prosecutor, complaints may need to be mailed or hand delivered.