Student Assembly for Power & Liberation

Petition for Student Assembly for Power and Liberation Demands (WWU)

In Actions, Racial Justice, WWU by RJC

The following is an excerpt from a statement made by the Students Assembly for Power and Liberation at Western Washington University.

“…We are the Student Assembly for Power and Liberation. We are a growing group of students from a multitude of communities and disciplines around campus combatting the systemic oppression embedded within our society that is inevitably upheld through this institution, as it was created to uphold white supremacy at its core. Two weeks ago, on February, 12, we disrupted the Board of Trustees meeting that was held in Seattle to make a statement demanding recognition and accountability for the violence enacted on this campus, particularly the threats made last quarter directed at specific Black students. The Board of Trustees was invited to meet us on campus on February 26th, 2016 at 5 PM to take accountability on behalf of the University, but refused to show up. What does this say about our University’s integrity? What does this say about our University’s dedication to our education, safety, and success? These are the people appointed to make decisions for the students about the students, and yet they do it without the students. Due to the urgency we face, as of February 26th, 2016, we publicly release our official demands of the University. Listed under each demand is a set of requirements to ensure the implementation of each demand goes accordingly.”

You can access the full demands at: